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What is Ground Bioengineering?

Bank and earth slope stabilization that uses natural materials and techniques to enhance, stabilize and endure for a life time. Willow spiling, brush wood bundles, live brush mats, coir rolls and mats are typical and are used in conjunction with modern engineering. Waterside has a proven track record throughout Europe using these natural techniques.

Erosion of the landscape is a major impact of land development and for the foreseeable future this situation is likely to deteriorate. Road construction, building development and deforestation allow larger volumes of water to flow into our rivers at faster rates causing soil erosion and undercutting of stream and river banks. A well managed water course can stop erosion by as much as 85–90 percent.

Vegetation is crucially important because trees and vegetation stabilize river banks and lake edges. Tree and vegetation roots help bind bank materials together whether soils are loamy, silty, or made up of boulders and cobbles. Trees promote wildlife by supplying shelter, habitat and protection from predators. Overhanging branches give shade, keeping the water cooler in the summer which slows the growth of aquatic plants and algae. Underwater roots provide spawning areas for fish.

Mature winter willow spiling
Installation of willow work
Mature summer willow work
Newly installed willow spiling
Mature willow spiling
Re-establishment of river bank with willow work
Willow - urban environment
Willow in ditch work
Installation of willow in river